Socializing Your Dog: How Important Is It?

In a word: Extremely! What is Dog Socialization? Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things, animals, and people by providing them with the ability to develop skills to cope with these new experiences in a positive way. If you […]

Canines in Cancun

We are getting ready for spring break around here! With that in mind, we are busy preparing for a fantastic March party! Please RSVP at: 651-777-0255. Bring on the party animals!!  

Readers Choice – please VOTE for us.

Friends, we would appreciate it if you would take a minute and vote for us in the Readers Choice contest that the Stillwater Gazette is currently running. Our categories are under section 13 of the survey. Last year we won best kennel/boarding facility. Thank you to everyone who voted for us then! We strive to exceed your […]

Pit Bulls: The Outlaw Breed! Really?

In recent years the Pit Bull breed has been at the top of the spotlight. We’ve all seen the headlines splashed across the TV and newspapers. Essentially pointing out that there has been yet another “Pit Bull mauling” somewhere in the world. Pit Bulls haven’t been the first dog breed to be named “most dangerous […]

Santa Paws is coming to Animal Inn Pet Resort & Spa!

Two day only, November 7th & 8th. By appointment only. Call today to schedule your time slot, as these will go fast! 651-777-0255 Sitting includes JPEG file with copyright release. Afton Woods Photography ( on site to capture these precious memories!  

Harley Davidson Bad To The Bone party, August 13th!

We are currently accepting reservations for our August party: Harley Davidson “Bad To The Bone”!  This is going to be a rip roaring good time!  Super cool take home gift, along with yummy treats for the pooches, loudest dog contest and a fun run! We have a real Harley Davidson motorcycle coming in for the photo shoot […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs: our beloved furry friends that we love so much.  And they love us back!  So much so, that sometimes they get upset when we leave them for any period of time. Of course not all dogs will suffer from this anxiety ridden, destructive behavioral problem.  It is unknown as to why some dogs suffer […]

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