Dog Boarding FAQs

What vaccines do you require for Dogs?

The health and safety of all guest is very important to us. Every guest must be current on the following vaccinations prior to a lodging or spa visit.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo Virus Combo (DA2PP or DHLPP)
  • Bordetella 

All vaccines to be administered at least 5 days prior to visit.

    We also recommend but do not require Corona, Influenza, and Lepto vaccinations

    Can I bring my dog’s own food?

    Absolutely, we just ask that you bag and label each meal separately. We do provide house food that we charge $2 per meal.

    Can I come in for a tour?

    We encourage you to visit our facility prior to your pet’s stay and encourage drop-in tours during office hours. It is a good idea for first time guests to accompany you on the tour so he/she can get accustomed to the facility. Your pet ’s vaccination records are required prior to the tour for the safety of your pet as well as our guests. The vaccinations must be current at least 5 days prior to the visit.